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Do Georgia Custody Laws Apply To Unmarried Parents?

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When a couple legally marries and has a child together, the husband is automatically declared the child’s father. However, when a child’s parents have never been married, there can be unique custody issues. The main legal issue is determining paternity. In Georgia, until a father has established paternity, he won’t be able to seek custody […]

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How Does Adultery Affect A Georgia Divorce?

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There is a common misconception among individuals when it comes to adultery. Many people believe that if they can prove the other spouse had an affair or was a habitual cheater, they can take all the property, get custody of the children, get child support, and get alimony. While the court doesn’t investigate all of […]

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You Can Fight A Drug Possession Charge

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Many people are charged with drug possession every year. While some of these charges are for more significant amounts, many cases involve minimal amounts of a controlled substance. In Georgia, the criminal court handles a lot of small drug cases. It is possible to fight drug possession charges and win. While it is challenging to defend […]

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How Do I Get My COVID-19 Stimulus Money?

The COVID-19 virus has called for the closures of many businesses and left countless people out of work and concerned about their financial futures. Fortunately, the government has put a stimulus plan into effect that calls for stimulus checks to be distributed among all American taxpayers. The plan will help allow people to maintain income […]

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