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How Do I Get My COVID-19 Stimulus Money?

The COVID-19 virus has called for the closures of many businesses and left countless people out of work and concerned about their financial futures. Fortunately, the government has put a stimulus plan into effect that calls for stimulus checks to be distributed among all American taxpayers. The plan will help allow people to maintain income […]

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School Suspension and Student Appeals

When can a School Suspend a Student? Schools may discipline students for a variety of behavioral issues. These may include talking out of turn, interrupting a teacher, a fight at school, or bringing drugs or weapons to campus. In these scenarios, the school administrators and ultimately the principal retain wide latitude in determining a student’s […]

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December Community Spotlight: Mrs. Candi Gibson and Safe Families For Children

Community Spotlight Our first featured community spotlight is Mrs. Candi Gibson. Mrs. Gibson is the coordinator for the local Troup County Safe Families for Children (“SFFC”) organization. As you will see from the following interview with Mrs. Gibson, this organization is helping children and parents through difficult times. SFFC aims in helping families avoid the […]

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The 3rd Mistake To Avoid With Your Car Accident Case- Recorded Statement

Georgia car accident lawyer explains mistake #3 that personal injury clients make – giving a recorded statement to the insurance company. When you’re involved in an automobile accident in Georgia,  you will receive a phone call from the other driver’s insurance adjuster within a few days.   The adjuster will usually be sorry that the accident happened and tell you […]

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The 2nd Biggest Mistake You Can Make With Your Car Accident Case

We previously discussed the biggest mistake you can make with your car accident case. Today we discuss the second biggest mistake you can make with your car accident case. A common problem that we routinely see potential clients make when involved in a Georgia car accident is failing to get immediate medical attention. The Problem Many […]

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