Georgia custody laws

Do Georgia Custody Laws Apply To Unmarried Parents?

Georgia custody laws do apply to unmarried parents, and married parents, alike. When a couple legally marries and has a …

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adultery in georgia divorce

How Does Adultery Affect A Georgia Divorce?

 Adultery in a Georgia divorce can impact the process. There is a common misconception among individuals when it comes to …

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Georgia business

What Happens To My Georgia Business In A Divorce?

Do You Own a Business In Georgia and Are Considering a Divorce? When one or both spouses own a Georgia …

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Criminal Defense Lawyer LaGrange Ga

Don’t Take An Aggravated Assault Charge In Georgia Lightly

There are several types of assault in Georgia, but the difference between a felony and misdemeanor assault often is determined …

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columbus ga criminal law attorney

What Happens If I’ve Been Accused of Rape in Georgia?

There is no worse crime to be accused of than a sex crime. Not only are the consequences and punishments …

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carrollton ga prenup lawyer

Your Ex Can Be Compelled to Work and Pay Child Support

Parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children, even if they don’t live with them. When a parent …

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columbus ga criminal law attorney

You Can Fight A Drug Possession Charge

Many people are charged with drug possession every year. While some of these charges are for more significant amounts, many cases …

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Georgia felony case process

What You Should Know Before Relocating Your Child

In Georgia, children that are aged 14 years or older have the right to choose the parent with whom they …

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domestic violence defense attorney lagrange ga

How Does Your Divorce Status Affect Your Tax Filing?

Filing taxes can be a difficult task under normal circumstances. However, in the case of a couple in the process …

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How Do I Get My COVID-19 Stimulus Money?

The COVID-19 virus has called for the closures of many businesses and left countless people out of work and concerned …

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