Can You Travel Internationally With a DUI?

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DUI charges and convictions can have ramifications beyond just a threat to your freedom and your loss of driving privileges. Some other basic liberties, like your right to travel, can be at risk.

International travel could present a particular difficulty, depending on where you are going.

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Does a DUI Prevent You From Traveling to Another Country?

There are two types of possible travel restrictions that may come with a DUI charge:

  • Restrictions on entry into certain countries when you have been convicted of DUI
  • Restrictions on travel when you have a DUI charge pending

In either event, your ability to go where you want may be an issue. Thus, you should hire a DUI attorney when you are facing charges, knowing that the outcome of your case will have an impact on your life going forward.

International Travel After a DUI Conviction

Certain countries may have restrictions on who may enter based on your criminal record. They could place conditions on your entry, or they may deny you entry altogether.

Can you go to Canada with a DUI?

For example, Canada is one of the toughest countries to enter with a DUI conviction. The country deems the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle to be a serious crime. If you have not yet completed the terms of your conviction, such as probation, you would not be able to enter the country.

If it has been less than five years since your conviction, and you have completed the terms of your sentence, you would need to apply for a temporary residence permit. Even more than five years after your conviction, you would still need to apply for special permission to enter the country.

Do other countries prevent those with DUIs from entering?

Other countries, including Mexico, have their own restrictions on people entering with DUI convictions.

The good news is that the European Union does not have rules about people with DUI convictions entering. However, that may change if you were convicted of a DUI when someone was seriously hurt. If someone was harmed in the accident, the EU may view things differently and not let you into their territory.

International Travel with DUI Charges Pending

You may face a similar situation if you are trying to travel when there is a DUI charge against you that is pending. You would also need to disclose the charges on any immigration form. The last thing that you would want is to travel somewhere and not be let into the country.

Canada is particularly strict about letting people enter who have pending DUI charges against them. Much depends on the discretion of the individual border agent. Some people may be allowed to enter, while others have been turned away.

The host country may not be the only one with a say when you have DUI charges pending. Depending on the conditions that the judge has set, you may be out on bail. If that is the case, the bail bondsman also may set conditions because they are the ones who would lose their money. They may not let you travel internationally while you have pending charges. If they have not already set conditions, you may need to get their approval.

Your freedom to travel is one of the many things that are at risk in a DUI case. An experienced DUI attorney can advise you of all the consequences that you may face with a conviction beyond jail time. Your lawyer could review the case against you and help determine whether you may have the ability to fight the charges that have been filed. They may be able to negotiate a plea bargain that helps you avoid some of the worst effects of a conviction.

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