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When your financial interests, family, or freedom is in danger, you need a Carrollton Criminal Defense attorney who will fight to get you the best possible outcome. When faced with a legal matter, you need a law firm that believes that every client deserves the best representation – a firm that is honest, respectful, and accountable to their clients.  

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At Moffitt Law, LLC conveniently located in Carrollton, we dedicate ourselves to the successful representation of clients in criminal matters in Carroll County. Carrollton Criminal Defense Attorney Tyler Moffitt trusted and proven Criminal Defense lawyer, has built a solid reputation representing everyday working people in the areas of family law and criminal defense. He will fight for the best possible outcome for every client, all the time.

The events surrounding an arrest can be a very frightening experience. Speaking with police officers and prosecutors without the presence of a qualified attorney may greatly undermine your case.  One call to our law firm will connect you with a highly talented Carrollton Criminal Defense Lawyer to assist you and help you navigate the charges you face with straightforwardness and integrity. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

The Carrollton Criminal Defense Lawyers at Moffitt Law are licensed to handle all criminal matters in Georgia’s District and Superior courts, as well as the traffic courts and the juvenile courts the areas we serve include the following:

Court Procedures in Georgia

The Arrest

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Tyler Moffitt is a Criminal Law Attorney in Carrollton, Ga. focusing on DUI, sex crimes, domestic violence, and gang activity.
If you have an arrest or a charge for a misdemeanor or felony in LaGrange, Georgia, you will face an aggressive pursuit by the prosecution.  You may also endure harsh penalties if convicted. In most instances, a criminal case begins with an arrest either at a crime scene or later after the issuance of a warrant.  When a person is placed in police custody, the arresting officers are required to inform him or her of their Miranda Rights.  These rights are the right to remain silent.  In addition, anything you do or say can be you used against you in a court of law. Once the police read you your rights, you should remain silent.  Do not speak to the police without a Carrollton Criminal Defense attorney in your presence. If you do speak, do not say anything that will incriminate you. This may enter in to evidence against you.

Initial Georgia Court Appearance

Unless a person charged with a crime has already been bailed out of jail, the arresting agency must bring him before a magistrate or judge within 48 hours after a warrantless arrest. For an arrest warrant, the timeframe is 72 hours. The judge decides whether to set bail. He also determines the amount of bail to set. If you fail to post bond and have not yet had a grand jury indictment, you can request a preliminary hearing/probable cause hearing.  This will allow you to hear all the evidence the prosecution has against you. It may give you and your Carrollton Criminal Defense attorney, an opportunity to potentially challenge the warrant as lacking probable cause. You are not entitled to a preliminary hearing/probable cause hearing if you have already been indicted or if you’re out on bond.

Accusation or Indictment

Next, the District Attorney will file criminal charges against you through an accusation or an indictment. In an accusation, the prosecutor files the charge directly with the court.  This is only for certain types of crimes.  This is for drug offenses (except drug trafficking), forgery, theft, and all misdemeanor offenses. The grand jury must hear all other offenses first for an indictment. If a grand jury finds that there is probable cause to try you for criminal charges, an indictment will result. The defendant is not entitled to be present at the grand jury hearing.

Arraignment and Pre-Trial Motions

After the indictment is the arraignment. The defendant enters a plea of not guilty after the arraignment, in most cases.  After that, you have 10 days to file any pre-trial motions.

If the defendant pleads guilty, the defense and prosecution may enter into either a negotiated plea or a non-negotiated plea (also known as a “blind plea”) at any time before the trial date.

A negotiated plea is one that is favorable to the defendant.  Consequently, it is the result of the defendant’s Carrollton Criminal Defense attorney negotiations with the prosecution. In contrast, a non-negotiated plea may be an offer at the discretion of the court.  Meanwhile, this permits the judge to determine the defendant’s sentence without a jury trial. A defendant who agrees to a pre-negotiated plea can generally expect a significantly lighter sentence than he or she would receive if a jury returns a guilty verdict.

Trial Procedures in Georgia

If your case goes to trial, you can decide if you want a jury trial or a bench trial.  In other words, where the judge hears the evidence and issues the ruling. A Carrollton Criminal Defense attorney can advise you which option will result in a more favorable outcome for you.

DUI/DWI Cases in Georgia

The Carrollton Criminal Defense lawyers at Moffitt Law, LLC focus on DUI and DWI cases. They recognize that drunk driving and drugged driving laws in Georgia are strict. Subsequently, the fines and penalties are severe. We passionately protect the rights of people who have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence or while intoxicated. The potential consequences of a DWI include hefty fines, community service hours, a suspended license, jail time, and even a felony charge, depending on the circumstances We work hard to minimize or prevent accumulations of insurance and driving record points, and we seek to minimize fines associated with these charges. Call us today to consult with one of our experienced attorneys.


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