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Hearing that you're facing criminal charges is never easy. You don't have to fight alone. Our attorneys will aggressively defend you against the charges. It's our goal to use every opportunity to protect your rights and reach the best possible result.

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Best Legal Defense in Carrollton

A great legal defense addresses the entire case. We can represent you at:

  • Arrest and pre-arrest investigation
  • Arraignment
  • Bond/Conditions of bond/Pretrial release
  • Pretrial conferences/Plea negotiation
  • Preliminary motions
  • Trial
  • Sentencing (if applicable)/Appeals

There are many steps to a criminal proceeding. A great defense begins long before your trial date. Learn more about how we can defend against the charges against you, and start your defense today. Call (762) 212-3951 to ask for a consultation with our law firm.

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The Moffitt Law offices are located at:

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Our lawyers practice in the Carrollton courts. We know the local court rules and procedures. Understanding typical practices for certain courts and judges can give you the upper hand as we prepare your best strategy.

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To hire our criminal defense attorneys, call (762) 212-3951. Start your case with a free consultation with attorney Tyler Moffitt. See how Moffitt Law can stand with you and fight for you when you’re facing criminal charges. What’s more, we can start fighting for you today.

Cases We Handle


Any drunk driving charge in Georgia is a serious offense. Even a first conviction has mandatory jail time. It can be as much as 12 months for a third offense.

Jail isn’t the only possible penalty when you face a DUI/DWI charge. It can create problems with your driver’s license, employment, and international travel. However, drunk driving charges are often defendable. A proper DUI investigation is complex. Simple errors by the police officer can mean that the allegations don’t hold up in court. Our attorneys know what to look for.

Don’t just assume that you must accept a drunk driving charge. Our attorneys can attack the charges from all directions. We ensure you understand all the considerations to make the best decisions for your case.


If you’re charged with theft by taking or a similar charge, understand that you have important rights. The state must prove the intent of the person accused of theft – that they meant to take the property.

Our law firm defends people facing theft, theft by deception, robbery, embezzlement, shoplifting, and other takings charges. The state must prove all the elements of theft. If even one of the elements fails, the charges against you will be thrown out.

Assault and Battery/Domestic Violence

Any assault and battery or domestic violence charge is very serious. Your reputation is on the line. However, domestic violence and assault and battery charges are often one person’s word against another. Our attorneys have the training and experience to evaluate witnesses’ statements and investigate their credibility.

You have legal rights – especially when someone has accused you of a violent offense. You have the right to present your side of the story. Our criminal defense makes sure you get to present your case and that you do so effectively.

Sex Crimes

If you’re facing a sexual assault crime, the potential penalties may be years in prison and monitoring, including the Georgia Sex Offender Registry. However, merely facing charges isn’t the same as a conviction. You may take the case to trial, question the evidence against you, and argue for your innocence.

We will aggressively defend you if you are facing any sex crime. We can investigate statements of witnesses and evidence. Our investigation doesn’t just stop with the police report. We go further to prepare your case and aggressively defend you.

Drug Possession and Dealing

Even what seems like a minor drug offense can have long-lasting consequences. Fines, jail time, and a suspension of your license can all follow you into the future. The mark on your record can hurt you in your employment and other areas of your life.

Police often assume that proving a drug charge is easy. However, many elements of a drug charge include showing actual or constructive possession and proving what the substance is. The exact potential penalties you face depend on the substance involved, the amount involved, your criminal history, and other factors. Controlled substances are categorized into various schedules.

There are multiple ways to address a drug charge – a conditional discharge may be an option, and drug court may be available – but first and foremost, you have the right to exercise your trial rights and fight the charges. We work to build your defenses and pursue the best course of action for you.

White Collar Crimes/Fraud/Financial Crimes

If you’re facing a white-collar crime charge in Carrollton, hire legal counsel as soon as possible. Charges of using someone’s credit card, identity theft, corporate fraud, and other crimes can be daunting. However, our lawyers are prepared to work through the details and build your defenses.

Reckless Driving/Other Traffic Offenses

Drivers facing traffic offenses should take the charges seriously. Traffic matters vary greatly from infractions with monetary fines to felonies with potential prison time. It’s important to know the possible penalties of the charge that you’re facing.

Although law enforcement may try to convince you that it’s just a traffic offense, your right to be heard is absolute. The state must prove the charges against you. The charges can follow you into the future, so it’s important to address them directly. Our experienced law firm can represent you.

Probation and Parole Violations

Our attorneys handle probation and parole violation cases. A probation or parole violation may mean a resentencing and additional penalties. If the violation is a new charge, you may face the new criminal charge as well as the violation. Our legal team fights probation and parole violation allegations. We know how important it is to fight for your rights when you’re accused of violating the terms of your release.

Felony and Misdemeanor Representation

Our law firm handles felony, misdemeanor, and traffic offenses. Any criminal matter can have serious consequences. That’s why we fight aggressively for your interests, whatever charges you are facing.

We can also represent you in your expungement case.

Criminal Courts in Carrollton, GA

Carroll County Superior and State Courts

311 Newnan St.

Carrollton, GA 30117

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1620

Carrollton, GA 30112

Magistrate Court

166 Independence Drive

Carrollton, GA 30117

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 338

Carrollton, GA 30112

If you’re facing criminal charges in Carrollton, it’s important to determine what court is hearing the case. Most cases will be heard in the Carrollton State and Superior Courts, with minor cases heard in the Magistrate Court.

Experienced Carrollton, GA Attorneys for Criminal Defense

Tyler Moffitt founded Moffitt Law, LLC, to provide legal services that get results. With his expertise, Moffitt Law has changed thousands of lives. His representation has gained the attention of legal organizations that recognize excellence in the legal profession, including:

  • AVVO – “Top Attorney”
  • The National Trial Lawyers – “Top 40 Under 40”
  • AVVO – Clients’ Choice Award

These honors reflect Moffitt Law, LLC’s dedication to each person we serve. There are many possible ways to defend against criminal charges – but you need the best way for you. Moffitt Law investigates and pursues the best course of action for your situation.

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