Getting Back On Track After a DUI Conviction

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DUI (Driving Under the Influence) convictions in the state of Georgia are serious violations. In many cases, the monetary penalties are high, and those charged must face jail time. If you were charged with a DUI and are awaiting your trial, you should seek immediate counsel from a criminal defense attorney in order to help you completely remove or reduce the charges from your criminal record. If you have already received a DUI conviction, you should know that there are excellent options available to help rebuild your health and your life following your time in jail, or simply following a DUI conviction with a monetary penalty. The following are some steps you can take as you begging to get back on track after a DUI conviction.

Consider Rehabilitation

The truth is that many people that receive a DUI conviction are not first-time offenders. Even if you are convicted for the first time, it is likely that it is not the first time you have driven a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Take time to consider whether or not you have a substance abuse issue regarding alcohol. In some cases, those who suffer from a substance abuse disorder use alcohol as a maladaptive coping mechanism to previous trauma in their life. consider whether or not attending an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program would benefit you song your DUI conviction.

Consider Professional Help

You may feel that your issues regarding alcohol do not rise to the level of needing a rehabilitation program. However if you still feel that you are struggling with alcohol consumption, consider visiting with a counselor, pastor, priest, professional therapist, or even joining an Alcoholics Anonymous group for assistance.

Ignition Interlock Device

In some cases, a DUI conviction will require the installation of an ignition interlock device in the vehicle. These devices require a driver to prove sobriety before the car will start. However, these devices are often used by those charged with DUI offenses long after the requirements mandated by a court. It is interesting to note that these devices actually reduce DUI rates by 70%. If you feel unable to monitor or make appropriate decisions regarding getting behind the wheel of the car after you’ve been drinking alcohol, and ignition interlock device may be a useful tool to assist you following your DUI conviction.

Hobbies and Friends

While you may not think that getting a hobby will actually help you avoid DUI convictions in the future, those people that have activities that give them purpose often find more mental clarity and the ability to handle their emotions better. Additionally, these activities and hobbies often give a person purpose.

Friends and family are also an integral part to the healing a person needs following a DUI conviction. If you were previously surrounded by people who drink a great deal of alcohol, it is likely in your best interest to find a new set of friends that will support you were decisions. Having a strong support network can help you on your road to recovery after a DUI conviction.

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