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Recreational riders and commuters in Carrollton, GA, are fortunate to have dedicated bike and pedestrian trails, such as the GreenBelt, that help keep them safe from vehicles while riding. Furthermore, the League of American Bicyclists officially designates the city as a Bicycle-Friendly Community. However, cyclists still face significant risks of traffic accidents. If you sustained injuries in a crash, a Carrollton bicycle accident lawyer from Moffitt Law, LLC, is here to help you pursue compensation for your losses.

Why Do Bicycle Accidents Happen?

Bicyclists involved in a crash with a vehicle are much more likely to sustain severe and fatal injuries due to size differences and the lack of inherent protection. In 2020, 32 riders in Georgia died as a result of injuries suffered in a traffic accident, up from 21 in 2019. The number of bicyclists requiring emergency medical services also increased from 510 to 716, indicating a potential increase in serious injuries.

In 2020, most accidents occurred in intersections, and children aged 10-14 received more trauma care than any other age group. If your child received injuries in an accident, contact a bicycle accident attorney in Carrollton, GA, for help. Additionally, the state’s bicycle safety statistics indicate that riding in an urban area outside of Atlanta increases the likelihood of having a bike collision.

Bicycle accidents most often occur when:

  • Drivers travel at high speed.
  • Motorists or bicyclists consume alcohol.
  • Vehicles turn left across oncoming traffic.
  • Drivers turning right without checking for riders.
  • Motorists pass a cyclist without allowing enough space.
  • Vehicle passengers or drivers open doors without looking.

Collisions between vehicles and bicycles are also more common on roadways without dedicated bike lanes. Though Carrollton is a bike-friendly community, riders often must travel on roads that do not offer the protection of dedicated bike lanes. A Carrollton bicycle accident lawyer at Moffitt Law, LLC knows how to determine the cause of a bike crash and can establish proof of fault.

What Injuries Do Bicyclists Often Suffer?

In addition to minor injuries, such as road rash and mild contusions, that can occur in a collision involving a vehicle, serious injuries are common, even at lower speeds. A bike crash may result in:

  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Whiplash
  • Punctured lungs

Many of these injuries can have long-term impacts, leading to ongoing medical expenses, loss of quality of life and missed work. A Carrollton bicycle accident lawyer from Moffitt Law, LLC, knows how to calculate current and future medical expenses to help you determine a fair settlement.

Whose Insurance Pays for a Bicycle Accident?

Georgia is an at-fault car accident state, meaning that the person liable for the accident is responsible for paying for damages. The state’s laws establish that a bicycle is a vehicle. As such, car insurance may cover property damage and injuries for cyclists involved in a traffic accident. Whose insurance pays depends on the crash circumstances.

Despite the vulnerability of riders, neither the law nor insurance companies inherently favor bicyclists when determining fault. What’s more, drivers and cyclists may share the blame. Even when filing an insurance claim, understanding the laws and how to prove liability is crucial. At our firm, we can critically examine the evidence and help you file a claim that clearly defines fault.

If you are liable for the accident, your company will pay for your medical bills if you have medical payment coverage. However, your policy won’t cover your injuries if you don’t have this protection. When the other driver is responsible, their liability coverage pays for your property damage and medical expenses.

How Do You Choose a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Carrollton?

The insurance company might not readily cover your losses or may try to offer you an insufficient settlement. You may need to fight for fair compensation. If you can’t reach an agreement, filing a legal claim might be your only chance to recover your losses. To find a bicycle accident attorney in Carrollton, GA, look for someone who:

  • Offers personalized service, treating you as an individual and recognizing your unique circumstances
  • Will understand local and state laws regarding bicycle accidents and personal injuries
  • Isn’t afraid of pursuing a claim to the courtroom when necessary
  • Provides clear and consistent communication
  • Has a positive reputation in the community and state

When you need a personal injury lawyer in Carrollton who checks all the boxes, seek the experience of Moffitt Law, LLC.

How Do You Get Started With a Bicycle Accident Lawyer at Our Firm?

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