DUI Refusal Charges: Can You Be Charged Without Evidence?

In Georgia, you have a legal obligation to submit to a breathalyzer test when an officer has pulled you over …

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License Reinstatement After a DUI

Wondering How to Get Your License Back After a DUI? The law cracks down on drivers convicted of driving under …

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What Happens if You Miss a Court Date With a Criminal Case?

What happens if you miss a court date? Missing a court date can have severe ramifications for your criminal case. …

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Can You Own a Gun With a DUI in Georgia?

The right to own a firearm is extremely important to many Georgians. This right may come under threat when you …

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Can You Lose Your Teaching License for a DUI in GA?

There are often more consequences of a criminal conviction besides the punishment imposed by the judge. Of course, jail time …

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Marijuana DUI Charges in Georgia

It does not matter that marijuana may be legal for some purposes in Georgia. Like alcohol, being able to use …

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Evidence Needed for DUI Convictions in Georgia

If you have been charged with DUI, you have the legal right to your day in court. You can fight …

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Pre-Trial Motion Hearings in Georgia DUI Cases

There are various ways that you may be able to defend against DUI charges. Much of your legal defense would …

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Do You Have to Report a DUI to Your Employer?

There are numerous things that you must consider after you have been charged with a DUI. Besides potential jail time …

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About DUI Schools in Georgia

A DUI conviction in Georgia will have a heavy impact on your life. Not only may you face jail time, …

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