Can You Get a DUI in a Parked Car in Georgia?

For many people, their perception of a DUI stop is officers pulling up behind them when they are driving; they …

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Can You Travel Internationally With a DUI?

DUI charges and convictions can have ramifications beyond just a threat to your freedom and your loss of driving privileges. …

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DUI Probation Laws in Georgia

In most cases, those who are convicted of DUI in Georgia will receive 12 months of probation in addition to …

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What Happens at a DUI Arraignment?

If you have been charged with DUI in Georgia, you need an attorney from the very beginning of your case …

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Open Container Laws in Georgia

Georgia has stringent laws against open containers in vehicles that are in operation. When people are convicted for breaking this …

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Expert Witnesses for DUI Charges in Georgia

Sometimes in DUI trials, a defense attorney will need to refute the testimony provided by the arresting officer or others …

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Are DUI Checkpoints Legal in Georgia?

DUI checkpoints are temporary stops set up by law enforcement to detect and deter drunk driving incidents. Are DUI checkpoints …

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Can a DUI Affect Your Georgia Nursing License?

When a nurse is charged with driving under the influence in Georgia, it can have significant implications for their nursing …

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Can a DUI Affect Your Immigration Status?

With the US immigration laws becoming stricter than ever, immigrants have to comply when applying for permanent residence status. Compliance …

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What Is the DUI Eye Test and Is It Legal in Georgia?

When you are pulled over by an officer suspecting you of DUI, they’ll conduct field sobriety tests, one of which …

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