DUI Probation Laws in Georgia

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In most cases, those who are convicted of DUI in Georgia will receive 12 months of probation in addition to any jail time. More serious DUI convictions could result in longer terms of probation. When you are on probation, you are still a part of the criminal justice system.

If you violate the conditions of your probation, the state may send you to jail. Thus, it is important to understand exactly how probation works for a DUI conviction in Georgia.

Understanding the exact terms of your probation can mean the difference between getting into further trouble and successfully completing your sentence. Moffitt Law, LLC can work with you as your DUI lawyer in Carrollton and provide guidance throughout your DUI case.

Your Probation Officer Oversees Your Case

When you are on probation, you will be assigned a probation officer. While the probation officer provides support, their job is also to monitor compliance with the terms of the probation.

If the probation officer believes that you have violated the terms of your probation, they could report you to the court for the judge to take action.

Probation Comes with Requirements and Restrictions

There is a long list of rules that you need to follow while you are on probation for DUI in Georgia. There are things that you must do and things that you are forbidden from doing. One of the biggest prohibitions is that you cannot drink alcohol while you are on probation for a DUI offense.

Here are other things that may be required as part of your probation:

  • You must comply with all laws (both state and federal) during the term of your probation
  • Remain within a certain geographic area, seeking permission from your probation officer if you wish to travel outside of it
  • Report to your probation officer according to a set schedule
  • Submit to breathalyzer tests if requested
  • Monthly urinalysis tests when you go to see your probation officer
  • Attend any educational and rehabilitation programs that are part of the terms of your probation
  • Report that you have fulfilled the terms of any educational or rehabilitation programs

In addition, you may not operate a car while intoxicated.

You may have received a license suspension as part of your DUI conviction. Then, you would not be able to operate a car at all so long as your driving privileges have been suspended.

Being accused of a second DUI while you are still on probation for a first one has a high potential of jail time.

There Are Consequences for Violating the Terms of Probation

There are a number of punishments that you could be subject if you are found to have violated your probation, including:

  • Extension of your term of probation
  • Community service
  • Being ordered to attend drug or alcohol counseling
  • Being sent to jail

If the alleged violation is serious enough (such as failing the urinalysis test), the probation officer could have you arrested on the spot. In a worst-case scenario, you may even need to remain in prison until the judge can hear your case.

Judges can and do sentence people to prison, especially when they have repeatedly violated the terms of their probation. If you stand accused of not adhering to the terms of probation, you need an attorney to defend you because the stakes are high. Having a DUI on your record can complicate your future to begin with — violating the probation can make things worse.

While probation seems like a harsh form of control over your life, it is actually the preferred outcome in many DUI cases. Your attorney may be able to secure a sentence of probation instead of jail time. They may be able to negotiate some of the terms of your probation, depending on your own specific situation.

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