What Do I Do If I’m Arrested For Possession With Intent To Supply In Georgia?

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Georgia has stringent laws for possession with intent to supply. Being convicted for this crime can land you in more trouble that might change your life forever. You will be charged with possession with intent to supply under Georgia’s drug laws with a possibility of spending a long time in prison. In this case, it is best to get conversant with Georgia drug laws to make informed decisions if arrested. Read on to know what to do if arrested with intent to supply.

What is Possession?

Being arrested for possession means you have control of illegal drugs that you intend to sell. The drugs could be in your home or anywhere under your control. Before your conviction, you must be found guilty of the crime. It is worth noting that the processes can be challenging, tiring, and time-consuming if you lack legal expertise or are not conversant with Georgia state laws. In this case, it is best to speak to a criminal defense attorney such as Moffitt Law, LLC, to advise you about the processes and handle the case on your behalf. The lawyer will analyze the charge and devise ways to handle the case and fight for your rights.

What is Intent to Supply

Before a charge for this element, the state must prove that you intended to distribute the drugs in your possession. Since the state cannot get into your mind to know your intention, they will use the surrounding circumstances to prove you guilty of this charge. This mostly happens if you have more drugs in your possession than enough for personal use.

Another leading factor that the state can use is when there are packaging materials and a large amount of money within. They may also track your communication with customers to capture your intentions.

What to Do When Arrested for Possession with Intent to Supply

If arrested for possession with intent to distribute, the first step is to try and see if the drugs can be kept out of a trial. Since the process can be challenging, hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you would be best. You shouldn’t take the matter lightly because it can cost you more time and money in the long run. Here are the reasons to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Fight for Your Rights

Handling the case alone can be challenging because the police may make you feel like your fate is sealed. Most likely, the drug trafficking charge proceeded from a seemingly routine traffic stop that did not have any possibility of becoming a serious case.

Never take this lightly because it might turn into a serious offense, and this is why you should work with an experienced lawyer such as Moffitt Law, LLC, to fight for your rights.  Contact us today for advice and guidance.

Relationship with Local Prosecutors

A criminal lawyer in the field for many years will likely have a solid relationship with local prosecutors. Hiring such a lawyer can positively impact your case because the attorney can navigate through the processes and request a favorable deal or affordable bail. Moffitt Law, LLC has a good relationship with Georgia’s prosecutors and will do all it takes to get a fair ruling.

Experience in Similar Cases

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney after an arrest for possession with intent to supply will create seamless processes that can give you peace of mind. The attorney has been handling similar cases, and you can be sure that they will do all they can to get the best outcome for your case. Remember, you should do your due diligence when hiring a criminal lawyer and ensure you work with someone who has successfully represented clients in similar cases.

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What are the penalties for possession with intent to distribute in Georgia?

The penalty depends on the quantity of drugs in your possession, the potential harm the drugs might have caused, and your role.

What is the jail term for possession with intent to supply in Georgia?

If convicted, you can spend up to 30 years in prison for schedule 1 or schedule 11 convictions and up to 30 years for a serious charge.

Do first-time drug offenders go to jail in Georgia?

If you are a first-time offender, you may need to complete various programs as per the law, pay fees, complete a probation period and a possible jail term.

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