What Should You Do if You Are Arrested for Criminal Domestic Violence in Georgia?

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What you do after you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence could impact your legal defense. Here is what you should know if you are facing domestic violence charges.

Do Not Talk to Police

Law enforcement may seek to question you about what happened after your arrest. While they must advise you of your legal rights, they may take advantage of the fact that you want to clear up what happened. You should never speak to the police without your attorney present. Any conversation that you have should only be through the advice of your attorney.

Hire an Attorney

You should never face domestic violence charges alone. You may be able to defend yourself against the charges, but your defense will be far more effective if you have an experienced lawyer. Even if you choose to negotiate a plea bargain, your lawyer may be able to get you a far better deal than you could have gotten on your own.

Save Any Evidence that You Have

There are defenses to domestic violence charges. You are innocent until you are proven guilty. Nonetheless, you may have evidence that could be used if you choose to fight the charges. These could include pictures or recordings that either show that you did not do what you are accused of or acted in self-defense.

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Are there any other consequences of a domestic violence conviction?

Yes. This could impact your ability to own firearms or your custody case.

The prosecutor offered me a deal. What should I do?

Before you agree to anything, you should speak to an attorney.

Will the police automatically believe the person accusing me?

There needs to be evidence to convict you of domestic violence.

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