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According to the State of Georgia, Domestic Violence is seen as an act of “Family Violence.” The Georgia law is strict about a family member being assaulted physically, emotionally, or sexually by another member of the same family. However, in Georgia law, you do not necessarily need to be married to someone before you can become a victim of Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence can happen to parents and children, foster parents and foster children, present or past spouses, and other individuals living or formerly living under one residence.

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If you ever receive a Domestic Violence charge,  you need to speak with a Columbus Criminal Defense lawyer immediately. Consequently, delaying increases the chances of your Columbus Domestic Violence defense lawyer building and developing a Jericho-like defense strategy against the punishment of being found guilty. If an individual is convicted of Domestic Violence, the effect can be very damaging to the strategic areas of their life including their employment status. In addition to this, they may not be able to own a licensed gun or ammo and maybe also barred from some certain fundamental human rights.

You Need a Columbus, Georgia Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

The State of Georgia is very strict regarding Domestic Violence cases.  The charged or accused may face misdemeanor or felony charges.  Subsequently, these may escalate or further lead to probation, jail time, mandatory domestic violence management programs, and other similar penalties.

A Domestic Violence offense can be very damaging.  In other words,  the stain can remain a permanent stigma on the charged individual’s criminal record.  Consequently, this can make people in their own community or locality to continue to see them as being cruel or violent. Besides that, the charged may lose custody of their child if the act is between a parent and a child. To protect your career and your reputation, you need an experienced Columbus criminal defense lawyer that is knowledgeable about criminal defense.

Tyler Moffitt is a certified Columbus domestic violence defense lawyer that has covered many cases throughout LaGrange, Carrollton, and Columbus cities of Georgia. He has vast knowledge of the Georgia criminal justice system.  In short, his acquainting status with the judges and prosecutors helps you in building a strategized and aggressive defense to the charges laid on you.  Tyler’s goal is to obtain the least painful outcome of the charge.

Criminal Offenses Under Domestic Violence in Georgia

Although it is a general belief that Domestic Violence occurs between a boyfriend and a girlfriend or a husband and a wife, this is not usually the case in the state of Georgia. An act or a threat of a violent act that ensues between people who are living under the same residence can lead to a Domestic Violence charge. This means that Domestic Violence may occur between family members, people sharing a room, and roommates- whether it is a temporary room sharing or permanent sharing.

Domestic Violence is listed within Georgia code 19-13-1 as any felony or any acts under the below-listed categories. These acts are what domestic violence officers look for when they respond to a Domestic Violence call or allegation

  • Aggravated assault
  • Aggravated battery
  • Battery
  • Child Abuse
  • Criminal Damage to Property
  • Criminal Trespasses
  • Harassment
  • Physical Abuse
  • Simple assault
  • Simple battery
  • Stalking and Aggravated Stalking and
  • Unlawful restraint

However, the term Domestic Violence shall not include disciplinary actions given by a parent to their children such as in the form of punishments, restraints, and detention.

Self Defense Under Domestic Violence

Depending on the facts presented by the accused under a Domestic Violence hearing, there are some reasonable defenses that can reduce or totally discharge them from the case. In cases where the accused was attacked and all they could do at the moment was to defend themselves from the attack, but the attacker claimed they were the real attacker. People are quick to point accusing fingers at people charged for Domestic Violence.  Despite this, self-defense does not count as a crime under it.

Protective Orders

A Domestic Violence act charge will most likely start by the issuance to the accused of a protective order. This protective order comes in temporary forms that can affect the accused life greatly. For one, they could be barred from going back home to their family. Secondly, they could be denied the rights of seeing their children.  They may also lose access to some of their rights such as their marital assets. The greatest fear of a temporary protective order is that it may be permanent after the proceedings. Due to this, an accused needs to seriously protect themselves.  The impact a protective order can have on their life may extend to losing their child custody rights.

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