Georgia Car Accident Lawyer- The 5th Mistake- Not Disclosing Previous Injuries

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Georgia car accident lawyer discusses the 5th mistake that people make after being injured in a car accident, not disclosing previous injuries.
If you are injured in a car accident in Georgia and you want to destroy any chance of receiving compensation for your injuries, just hide information about your prior injuries or accidents from your lawyer or doctor.
The Problem: Pursuing a personal injury claim in Georgia depends solely on the injured person’s credibility.  The insurance industry has an extensive database that maintains a record of claims filed with insurance carriers. An insurance adjuster only has to put the injured person’s name and social security number into the database and all insurance claims will come up.
So if you have injured your neck in a Georgia car accident and you had a fender bender five years earlier where you had a whiplash that cleared up, be sure to tell your doctor and lawyer about the prior crash and the medical treatment that you had for the whiplash.
Hiding this information from your doctor will undercut the doctor’s credibility because he will making treatment recommendations and offering opinions about your care, treatment and outcome based on the fact that you had no prior accidents or medical conditions.
If you hide this information from your lawyer, he will not be able to obtain your prior records to show the insurance company that the condition cleared up before your Georgia car accident.  The fact that an injured person may have been in a prior accident or injured the same part of the body can be dealt with if it is reported to your doctor and lawyer.
The Solution: It is important for people injured in car accidents to be completely honest with their doctors and lawyers at all times.  They must provide accurate information about any prior accidents or injuries.  When a claim is made for injuries following an accident, the person’s health history becomes an open book.   These issues can be dealt with if they are disclosed early on in a Georgia car accident case.
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