Long-Term Consequences of a Criminal Record in Georgia

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Being sentenced to jail time is not the only consequence in a criminal case in Georgia. An experienced attorney will review your situation and advise you about how having a criminal record may affect you. Contact our experienced LaGrange criminal defense lawyers at Moffitt Law, LLC today to learn more about your legal rights. You need to be aware of the other potential implications before you plead guilty to a crime.

Criminal Convictions Can Make it Harder for You to Get Certain Jobs

Even though there is a law in Georgia that prohibits employers from discriminating against people with criminal convictions, it is still possible that your record could keep you from getting the job. Employers do not have to hire you if your conviction is related to the job. This can be very broadly construed. For example, if you have been convicted of any crime potentially involving honesty, it could keep you from getting jobs related to finance. Other professions are not allowed to hire people with certain convictions on their record. For example, it can be very difficult to get a job working with children when you have a criminal record.

You Could Lose Your Gun and Potentially Be Deported

A felony conviction will also cost you your right to own a firearm. Law enforcement would make you surrender any firearms in your home once you have been convicted of a felony. There are very serious penalties if you continue to own a gun as a convicted felon.

In addition, a criminal record could also mean that you are at risk of deportation from the United States if you are not a citizen. Violent crimes and certain crimes of moral turpitude are enough for the federal government to initiate deportation proceedings against you. If you plead guilty to the crime, you could be jeopardizing your status in the United States. A criminal conviction could also impact your custody situation, potentially leading to your children being taken away from you or losing time with them.

Convictions Can Complicate Finding Housing

A criminal record could also make it more difficult for you to find housing. Landlords will run background checks on you before letting you sign a lease. If you have a serious conviction on your record, you could be denied housing. At the same time, if you are receiving public housing or other benefits from the government, a conviction could also put them at risk.

While a felony may have more long-term impacts on you, do not make the mistake of thinking that a misdemeanor conviction will leave you unscathed in the future. Depending on the nature of the crime, employers and others may still look at you differently. A misdemeanor will still give you a criminal record, even if you do not have the same extreme effects. You may still even be subject to penalties and punishments for misdemeanor convictions.

You Need Advice from an Experienced Attorney Immediately

An experienced attorney will review your situation to help you learn what consequences you may face if you have a criminal record. It is very difficult to get most crimes expunged in Georgia, so your record will stay with you for a prolonged period, perhaps even for the rest of your life. Never decide until you know the ramifications of your choices. You may quickly agree to a plea deal, only to realize that you have made the rest of your life far more difficult.

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