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A DUI arrest comes with severe consequences. The financial burden could be significant, from fines and legal fees to increased insurance rates. The cost of a DUI on your career and personal life could have long-term implications. While you may already know the criminal costs of a DUI conviction in Georgia, it’s also crucial to consider extra costs associated with such an arrest.

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How Much Does a A DUI Conviction Cost in Georgia?

The majority of DUI convictions in Georgia are considered misdemeanors. Depending on the offense’s severity and prior convictions, these punishments may range from minor to severe. Fines for a misdemeanor conviction in Georgia range up to $1,000, 12 months of jail time, or both. Several court fees and costs can increase the fine amount.

Besides fines and jail time, standard penalties for a DUI conviction in Georgia can include the following:

  • Alcohol or drug treatment
  • Community service hours
  • Classes
  • DUI school

All these are time-consuming and also come with costs. For the second and subsequent DUIs, the accused is required to install an interlock device on their car. This comes with a monthly monitoring fee and installation and maintenance costs.

Costs Associated with A DUI Arrest

Defending a DUI case could affect your finances. Here is a general idea of the cost of DUI in Georgia.

Insurance increases

Your costs may double, triple, or even quadruple, depending on your driving history or insurance carrier. Estimated costs: $4,500 or more.


The cost of bail in a DUI arrest depends on your blood alcohol level and the number of offenses you’ve committed. Estimated costs: $150-$2,500.

License reinstatement

Generally, this costs $210. But based on your history, you may need to install an interlock device on your car to reinstate your license. You are responsible for the device installation and daily maintenance. Estimated costs: $210-$410.


The cost of towing and impounding a car could rise daily within three to five years. Estimated costs: $50-$200.

Alcohol evaluation

According to the law, you must complete a drug evaluation and treatment if the evaluator recommends it. Estimated costs: $95-$300.

DUI classes

You must complete a DUI School, also known as a Risk Reduction class, as part of a DUI conviction. The course costs $350. You may also need to complete a Victim Impact Panel which costs about $100. Estimated costs: $500-$4,000.


These fines differ based on prior DUIs and your offense’s nature. They don’t include statutory court costs, which can increase the penalty by 50% or more. Estimated costs: $300-$5,000.

Besides the standard costs of a DUI conviction, some consequences can be devastating. DUI convictions and arrests can prevent future employment opportunities or lead to job loss.

Extra Costs Associated with A DUI Conviction in Georgia

There are extra costs that come with a DUI charge and a conviction. These include:

Loss of professional license

Most professions, like doctors, nurses, lawyers, and the military, don’t take DUI convictions lightly. While you may not lose your license because of one conviction, it can be revoked or suspended following several DUI convictions.

The time spent on a DUI defense

Your DUI case has many court appearances. Thus, the time spent doing community service or on jail time can make you take time off work, leading to income loss.

Future opportunities

A student with a DUI record trying to enter college can find it challenging to get into school or obtain financial aid. Current college students convicted of DUI must go before their school disciplinary panel, and their scholarships may be revoked. Sometimes, they may be suspended from school.

As you can see, having a DUI charge on your record can cost you a lot. Most individuals want to save money during the defense process, but they need to know how much a DUI fine costs.

The Georgia DUI lawyer at our firm wants to protect you from the extra costs of a DUI. We will work with you to get your charge reduced or your case dismissed, so you don’t need to face more penalties.

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DUI Defense FAQs

How long does a DUI case take in Georgia?

There is no specific duration for a DUI. Every case differs. If your DUI doesn’t have other complex litigation or motions to suppress, it can be resolved between three to six months.

Can a DUI affect insurance in Georgia for a long time?

A DUI in Georgia can affect insurance for three years at most. But this depends on the insurance company.

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