Coronavirus Impacts Cases Like Personal Injury

Coronavirus  impacts cases like personal injury by disrupting the court system during times of shutdown and when attorneys or courthouse staff are ill.  This virus is taking the world by storm, and many businesses, institutions, and public places are being forced to shut down to encourage social distancing and limit the spread. Courts are no exception. On March 17, the Georgia Supreme Court ordered the shutdown of magistrate courts, calling it a judicial emergency.  

Coronavirus’ impact on cases

If you are battling a personal injury case, you may be wondering how Coronavirus’ impacts cases like personal injury and the shutdown will mean for you. You may be asking questions like: Will it take longer to get a settlement? What actions can I take during the shutdown to keep my case moving forward? 

During these uncertain times, victims of personal injuries have every right to be asking these questions. At Moffitt Law, we have the answers you are looking for.

What Can I Do to Keep My Case Active During the Shutdown?

Unfortunately, with the courts closed,  Coronavirus’ impacts cases like personal injury is that you will be unable to get your case to trial during the shutdown. However, there are still things you can do to keep your case moving forward.

Thanks to advances in technology, much communication can be handled virtually. It’s possible that your lawyer already relies heavily on paperless systems and online platforms as a way of getting things done. Tech-savvy lawyers will be able to provide a smooth transition when it comes to keeping your case active during COVID-19 shutdowns.

Here are some ways lawyers can keep things active via virtual platforms:

  • Arbitrations and Mediations: Arbitrations and mediations are meetings where an unbiased third party is brought in to resolve differences between disputing parties. These meetings can be done via video conferencing, and they can help parties reach settlements that will be legally recognized in court.
  • Discovery Process: During the shutdown, lawyers can stay active in the discovery process, continuing to find and exchange discovery materials and filing motions for relief to help keep building a strong case.
  • Depositions: Depositions are sworn witness testimonies that can be taken out of court. These can be recorded via video conferencing and used in court at a later date.
  • E-Filing: Even though courtrooms are shut down, they are still accepting documents through their e-filing systems. Lawyers should be staying active by filing any materials they can during the lockdown.

What if My Lawyer is Unable to Represent Me Remotely?

If your lawyer is having trouble transitioning to a remote system, now may be an excellent time to find another lawyer. With courts shut down, a change in counsel will not cause a noticeable disruption to your case, and it will give your lawyer plenty of time to familiarize himself with the details of your case, so he is ready to represent you when courts reopen.

Switching lawyers should also have a minimal financial impact. Your fee with your attorney should be one-third of the recovery. If you switch lawyers, your old lawyer will get part of their share of the recovery fee for the work they performed. Your new lawyer will get the remainder of that fee. Therefore, you should not incur any additional expenses.

Finding the Right Lawyer

If you decide to switch lawyers during the COVID-19 crisis, you want to find someone who is well qualified to represent you and also has the means to keep your case active on virtual platforms. Tyler Moffitt is highly recommended.

Tyler Moffitt is a Carrollton, GA lawyer with experience in various legal matters. He prides himself on offering representation that is fair, honest, and transparent. He will fight relentlessly to see to it that the people he represents get the best possible outcome. He has state of the art technology and will do everything he can to move your case along during the health crisis.

A personal injury is no laughing matter. If your lawyer isn’t doing all they can to keep your case active during COVID-19, you don’t have to put up with it. Tyler Moffitt will do everything in his power to keep things moving forward and get you the justice you deserve.

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