What Should I Do If I Lost My Job Due to Coronavirus?

As coronavirus continues to spread, nonessential businesses are being ordered to shut down. As a result, many people have lost their job and are out of work.  There is a great deal of uncertainty concerning their financial futures.

If you have questions, Tyler Moffitt has answers.

During these difficult times, you are probably wondering what your rights are.  How you can keep getting income during the shutdown?  What does all this mean for your ongoing career? Read on to find out what you need to know.

Can My Employer Contact My Doctor to Find Out if I Have the Coronavirus?

No. Doctors and patients have a confidentiality agreement. Any request an employer makes to obtain your records or the information on those records is seen as a violation of this agreement.

Do Employers Have to Pay You if They Close Down During the Pandemic?

No. Employers are having a tough time keeping their businesses open.  Paying employees during the shutdown could result in permanent closure. Companies that shut down are required to pay employees for any sick days and vacation time they are owed. Beyond that, workers who are laid off should apply for unemployment to make up for lost income.

Can You Collect Unemployment During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Yes. As long as you have work hours accrued and an immigration status that allows you to work in the United States, you may collect unemployment.

Is it Legal for Employers to Ask Workers to Take a Pay Cut or Time Off During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Yes. Businesses that are struggling to get by can ask their employees to help take some of the financial stress off their shoulders by asking them to take a pay cut or time off during the lockdown. However, the request must be made to the whole staff.

Employers can not single out individual workers and ask them to take a pay cut or time off based on their gender, race, physical status, job performance, or any other personal factors.

Can People in the Medical Industry Collect Hazard Pay Due to Increased Risk?

During these times, workers in the medical industry are risking their lives every day going into work to care for patients who are sick with the coronavirus. Hopefully, their employers are compensating them for their efforts by paying them for overtime and including hazard pay in their paychecks.

Can Employers Pick Certain People to Work from Home?

Yes. In some offices, there will be individual workers that do work that can be performed by telecommuting.  Others have jobs that require them to be present. Employers who want to keep as many employees as possible at home will allow those who can perform duties from home to do so.

Employers may also choose to choose individual workers to work home based on their health status. For instance, if individual workers fall into high-risk groups and have jobs that can be done from home, they may be asked to telecommute as well.

However, employers can not choose to select workers to work from home based on any other criteria such as age, race, or work performance. Doing so would be seen as a discriminatory action.

Can I Get Fired if I Stay Home from Work to Avoid Getting Sick?

It depends.

If you are working for an essential company that was not ordered to shut down and you decide to stay home from work to avoid getting sick, you may get fired. However, if you are working for a nonessential company that was ordered to shut down and your employer is refusing to comply, you may stay home to avoid getting sick, and your employee is not legally allowed to fire you.

Furthermore, if you do get sick, your employee is required to provide you with sick pay during your time off.

Can I Be Fired If I Am Asked to Work from Home, but I Don’t Have the Resources to Do So?

No, if you are asked to work from home, your employer must supply you with all the resources that are necessary to allow you to do so. If these resources are not provided to you, you can buy them yourself and ask your employer to compensate you for any out of pocket expenses.

What Businesses Shut Down Due to the Pandemic?

Every state and city has different guidelines regarding what businesses can and can’t stay open during the pandemic. For the most part, stores that offer essential services, that people can’t live without, may remain open. All other companies have been ordered to shut down.

If My Business Shuts Down and Has Less Than Five Employees, Am I Obligated to Pay Them?

No, the number of employees you employ has nothing to do with whether or not you will have to pay them during the shutdown. No business is required to pay their employees while they are closed. Workers may apply for unemployment to make up for the lost income.

Finding the Right Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

During these uncertain times, many people are unsure of which way to turn. If you have questions or feel your employer may have violated your rights due to the unusual circumstances of the pandemic, the right lawyer can help you get the answers you need.

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