What Do I Do When I Have A Warrant for my Arrest in Georgia?

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Warrant for my arrest?

Learning that you have an active warrant can be a terrifying experience. You may wonder why and wonder what impact this has on your life.

If you have a warrant for your arrest it is better to act sooner, not later. Resolving the warrant as soon as possible can go a long way with prosecutors and law enforcement alike.


What is an arrest warrant and why do I have one?

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A warrant authorizes law enforcement to arrest you. A warrant may be issued by a superior, city, state, or magistrate court judge. They may take several forms:

  1. Arrest Warrant – When law enforcement believes there is probable cause that you have committed a crime, then they go to a judge and give the judge some facts. If the judge believes there is probable cause, the judge signs the warrant for your arrest.
  2. Grand Jury Warrant – When the District Attorney takes your case directly to a grand jury and that grand jury believes there is probable cause you committed a crime, then a grand jury warrant is issued. You can be arrested on this just like a typical arrest warrant.
  3. Bench Warrant – A bench warrant is issued by a judge when you miss a court date.

Think you have a warrant? Give us a call today and we will get the peace back in your life.


What to do about my Georgia Arrest warrant?

It is imperative that you resolve the warrant as soon as possible. There are several ways you can do that.

  • You may call the law enforcement agency who may have issued a warrant for you. They have a record of active warrants in their systems. If you do this, however, it may indicate to law enforcement your location.
  • You may also contact an attorney. A criminal defense attorney may can help you discover if there is in fact a warrant for your arrest or not. Additionally, we may help to arrange an agreement where you are not arrested unexpectedly.
  • We can also reach out to prosecutors and try to work out a bond before you even turn yourself in or are arrested on the warrant.


What NOT to do?

  1. DO NOT run from your warrant or attempt to flee. Law enforcement will catch you and it will make your situation worse.
  2. Don’t just forget about the warrant. Just because you aren’t thinking about it doesn’t mean that law enforcement and prosecutors aren’t thinking about it. If you do, then you could be arrested following a traffic stop for a simple seatbelt violation.
  3. Don’t turn yourself in without speaking to your lawyer first. Get someone on your side.


Why it is important to handle your warrant

If there is a warrant for your arrest, then you may be taken into custody at your home, your job, during a traffic stop, or anywhere else and even in front of your family, friends, and kids. Law enforcement generally serves warrants early in the morning when people are sleeping. Don’t be caught off guard. Contact our firm today and let us help you take care of your warrant.

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