Georgia Car Accident Lawyer- The 4th Mistake- Waiting to Hire an Attorney

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Georgia car accident lawyer discusses the 4th biggest mistake people make after an accident.
You should not be waiting to hire an attorney until later on in the process. This can significantly hurt your case.
The Problem: Some people initially try to handle their injury case on their own and when they receive a low ball offer from the insurance company they want to hire a lawyer. The problem with this approach is that as time goes on evidence related to the accident gets cold, vehicles are destroyed, or witnesses disappear.  With no evidence an injured person’s claim can be ruined. Many people do not get the money they deserve because they did not hire an attorney before evidence was destroyed or lost and witnesses have disappeared.
The Solution: Consult with a lawyer immediately following an accident to protect your rights.  If you decide to retain an attorney, he can begin investigating the accident to preserve evidence and interview witnesses.  An experienced personal injury attorney can identify potential weaknesses and issues early on and attempt to shore up the facts supporting the injured person’s claim.
Georgia injury law is complex. Whether you want to hire an attorney to assist you with your Georgia car accident claim is up to you.  But before you sign an authorization for release for medical records, a release of claims or attempt to negotiate your own case with the insurance company, or if you have questions, you can always call our office at (762) 323-1460 .

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