How Do Georgia Courts Determine the Bail Amount?

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There are many people in the state of Georgia who have been charged with a crime. It is actually something that happens every day, as there are a variety of illegal activities that people choose to engage in. If and when they are caught, their guilt or innocence is something that will need to be proven at the trial, but before this can happen, there are more immediate matters that need to be addressed. For example, whether a defendant will be offered bail, and if so, how much that bail amount will be.


What Is Bail and How Is the Amount Determined by the Courts?

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When a person is accused of a crime and must go to trial to determine if they are guilty or innocent, they may have the opportunity to avoid being held in police custody until that date. In order for this to happen, the defendant must pay what is known as bail. The idea is that when a person has to pay bail, they will show up for their pretrial hearings, as well as the trial because once everything is over the money will be returned. Although some defendants may decide that the money they posted for bail isn’t important, the bail money they posted will be returned to them if they show up, which is incentive enough for many who need the money.

When a bail is an option for defendants, there are a number of factors that courts use to help them determine the appropriate bail amount that is to be paid if the defendant wants to be released. For example, whether the defendant is a flight risk or a danger to others are both considered in the decision-making process. Depending on their findings, bail can be set extremely high, leaving the defendant with no way to post it because they just don’t have the money. However, there is also a possibility that bail will not be required or the amount will be reasonable or low enough for the defendant to post without any difficulties.


What Happens If a Person Doesn’t Have the Money to Post Bail?

Defendants who don’t have the money they need to post bail do have options. While the bail amount may be higher than they could afford, a bail bondsman can be used to help them post bail. The defendant will be required to put up a certain percentage of the bail and the bondsmen will be responsible for the remaining balance if the defendant does, in fact, fail to show up for any of the mandatory court appearances.

When a person is accused of a crime, whether they are guilty or innocent, sitting in jail until the trial date isn’t ideal. They have lives that they want to get back to, and being locked away for days, weeks, months, or years can prevent them from doing things like working and providing for their families. Defendants in Carrollton, GA who are in need of legal representation can contact a skilled criminal defense attorney from Moffitt Law, LLC today.

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