What Information Should Be Included in a Georgia Parenting Plan?

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Child custody matters can be tricky for parents to handle. Whether they agree on a custody arrangement or not, they will still need to work together to co-parent and raise their child. Courts recognize the importance of parents being a team and putting aside their own personal issues to take care of their children. For that reason, when parents find themselves in a custody battle, they are often encouraged to draft a parenting plan that will make co-parenting less stressful and a more positive experience for all parties involved.


What Is a Parenting Plan?

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There is much to be sorted out by both parents when it comes to child custody. It is almost too easy for parents to disagree about something, but like many difficulties that arise during a child custody battle, they could be avoided if there is a plan or set rules that parents must follow. Prior to appearing at their child custody hearing, parents are expected to have come up with what is known as a parenting plan. This plan basically outlines each parent’s responsibilities and how they will work together to properly care for the child and ensure they get the support they need.


What Information Should Be Included in a Parenting Plan?

When parents sit down and work together to come up with a parenting plan, they will have to be sure certain topics are discussed. Information like what days the child will be with which parent, including holidays and breaks, arrangements for transportation and how the parent will communicate with their child when they are spending time with the other parent will all be outlined. These things are important to have figured out in advance because parents are able to avoid disagreements or arguments that could easily occur due to one parent or both feel differently about various matters. For example, who will get the child on Christmas or who is responsible for picking the child up or dropping them off at school.

This plan can be used by parents regardless of the type of custody arrangement they have, sole or joint. Parents sharing joint custody of the child are both involved in the decision-making process regarding education, medical and other important matters. However, when a parent has full custody, they tend to have more authority, but a parenting plan can still be helpful since the noncustodial parent will likely have visitation rights.

Not only can disagreements between parents make child custody a difficult matter to resolve, state laws can also cause some confusion and make things a struggle. Parents should be clear of their duties and what must be done to ensure the appropriate steps are taken to keep their child is happy and healthy because their best interests should always be in mind when any decision is made. A family law attorney can prove to be helpful when it comes to handling child custody matters, so parents in LaGrange, GA who need assistance with this legal matter can contact Moffitt Law, LLC today.

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