5 Things People Should Know About Plea Bargains

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In the state of Georgia, when people are charged with a crime there is often a trial that follows, which will prove if the person is innocent or guilty. While this is the common order of events, a trial isn’t always the route that people take when they could possibly be convicted of a crime. In fact, some people choose to take a plea deal rather than subject themselves to the many stresses of a criminal trial. While a plea bargain can be a good option for some, anyone who is offered one should be aware of all the facts to help them make an informed decision and avoid getting themselves into something for which they may not be prepared.

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Here are five things people should know about plea bargains:

  1. Plea bargains guarantee a certain outcome that trials cannot.
  2. Plea bargains can sometimes allow defendants to avoid a harsher punishment for the crime, but not always.
  3. Plea bargains allow both the defendant and the prosecution to save time and money because there will be no trial.
  4. Defendants are often required to plead guilty when accepting a plea, regardless of them being innocent of the crime.
  5. Plea bargains need to be agreed upon by both sides or a trial will result.


Are Plea Bargains a Good Option in Georgia?

Many people do not see plea bargains as a good option, so they are often told to not agree to one. But, the fear and uncertainty of what can happen if their case goes to trial can sometimes cause people to consider agreeing to unfair terms proposed by the prosecution. While there are practical reasons for someone to consider a plea deal, those who are innocent or actually stand a chance of winning their trial may find that this option is not the wisest.

One of the good things about plea deals is that either side can propose a plea. Should the defendant’s attorney feel there is an appropriate sentence for the crime and wish to avoid a trial, they can negotiate with the prosecution to find a punishment that they both agree is fair. Defendants tend to worry about how the punishment for their crime can affect their lives in the long run, and this is something their attorneys will likely consider. Although the defendant will plead guilty to a crime if they accept a plea negotiated by their attorney, it could be a lesser charge that won’t have such a negative impact on their life.


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Every day, people have to decide if they will accept a plea deal or have their day in court. It can be a stressful, scary process going to trial because they are unsure of what will happen, but people shouldn’t always leap at the opportunity to accept a plea bargain, especially if they don’t have all of the facts or necessary information to help them decide. Before accepting a plea deal, defendants in LaGrange, Georgia should contact a criminal defense attorney at the offices of Moffitt Law, LLC who can help negotiate terms that are fair or defend them in court should that day come.

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