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As a criminal defense lawyer and personal injury lawyer, when I come into contact with you, you are most likely experiencing one of the worst events of your life. You have either been badly injured by someone else or you have been arrested. In either case you have been questioned, examined and you probably feel like there is no hope for you and your case. So far you have been treated with no respect and you need help right away.

That’s where Moffitt Law comes in.

When you come into my office, I want you to understand I respect you and I am on your side. You will be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve, no matter the circumstances surrounding your case.

“I started this firm upon the principles that legal representation is a way to care for and minister to people in need. I believe that every client deserves to be well represented and treated as a member of the firm’s family. It is my sincere hope that past, present, and future clients have had or will have this experience.”

-Tyler Moffitt

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