The 2nd Biggest Mistake You Can Make With Your Car Accident Case

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We previously discussed the biggest mistake you can make with your car accident case. Today we discuss the second biggest mistake you can make with your car accident case.

A common problem that we routinely see potential clients make when involved in a Georgia car accident is failing to get immediate medical attention.

The Problem

Many people do not seek medical attention at the accident scene or go to the emergency room because they think it’s too big of a hassle to go to the emergency room or they think they will be okay. Delaying medical care can destroy an injured person’s accident case for two reasons:

  1. The person may have a medical condition that progresses because he did not timely treat the condition.
  2. The insurance company or a jury will question the person’s credibility because “everyone knows that a seriously injured person does not wait to go to the doctor.”

Insurance companies do not want to pay!! They will use anything they can use to fight you in your car accident claim. Don’t make this mistake. Go get medical attention right after your car accident,

The Solution

If you’re involved in an automobile accident and you feel pain at the scene, allow the EMS personnel to check you out. If EMS wants to take you to the hospital, follow their advice and go. If you do not want to be transported by EMS to the hospital, take yourself to the hospital or urgent care center later that day.

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