What Questions Should You Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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Your initial conversation with a criminal defense lawyer should help you decide whether to hire the attorney and give you a sense of what may happen in your case. Here are three questions to ask at your initial consultation.

How Do You See My Case Unfolding?

The biggest thing that your attorney will do is explain your case and your options. While no attorney can tell you exactly what will happen, they should have the experience to explain how they see your case unfolding.

What Are My Legal Options?

Much of the stress for defendants comes from the fact that they do not know what they can do when facing charges. Often, the choice is not always clear-cut between fighting the charges and agreeing to a plea bargain. There are many intermediate steps and options, and your attorney will lay out the considerations that you will need to consider in your case.

What Should I Do or Not Do Right Now?

Defendants speak to an attorney at the early part of their case. Law enforcement may be trying to question them, and unrepresented defendants may make mistakes that could harm their legal case. An attorney will tell you not to speak with law enforcement without an attorney present. They could also give you short-term advice to help you lay the groundwork for your future legal defense.

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What type of criminal defense lawyer should I hire?

Make sure to hire an attorney with experience in dealing with your particular type of case.

Why is it a bad idea to represent myself?

The average person does not know about their legal rights and what to do if they are violated.

What is the risk in talking to the police?

Law enforcement can use your own words against you in court.

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