What Should I Do If I Am Pulled Over By a Cop- Georgia Criminal Lawyer

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A common comment I get when I am handling a Georgia criminal defense claim is

The officer pulled me over and I didnt know what to do or what I couldnt do

This can be problematic for anyone.

  1. Pull Over
  2. Hand Over your driver’s license and insurance card
  3. Do Not Get Out of the Car
  4. Assert Your Right To Remain Silent
  5. Kindly Leave When Allowed To

Pull Over

We have all been there before, you are driving down the road and suddenly the blue lights are flashing behind you. There is a moment of panic and you start sweating. Then you realize, you have done anything wrong, except you might have been speeding. On the other hand, you may be intoxicated or have something in the car you should not have. Regardless, you must pull over. Pull over at the nearest and safest place to stop.

Failure to stop once you have been commanded to by an officer is considered fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer.  (a misdemeanor which requires a fine and jail time).

Hand Over Your Driver’s License and Insurance Card

My advice is to lower the window enough for you to hand over your cards.


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