What to Do After a DUI Charge in Georgia

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Many people don’t take driving under the influence (DUI) charges seriously until after a DUI arrest in Carrollton, GA. An arrest has the potential to disrupt your life and cause you a lot of stress. Typically, a person convicted of DUI in the greater Atlanta metro spends an average of 10 days in jail.

Other consequences of a DUI include loss of license, spending time in community service and at the driving school, and fines. That’s why taking the right steps and making appropriate decisions after the arrest is important to reduce the charge and increase the chances of acquittal.

You may be among the many clients who tell us they didn’t know what to do after they were arrested for DUI. Moffitt Law, LLC wants to share the steps you can take to reduce the risk of conviction after being charged with DUI in Georgia. Contact Moffitt Law, LLC soon after your arrest to put an experienced Carrollton DUI defense lawyer in your corner.

Collect Evidence

Immediately after release, start recollecting details of events leading to the arrest and put them in a document. This includes details about where you consumed the alcohol, the amount you took, the bartender, or other persons you met at the time.

Seek evidence that may help with the case, such as police video of the arrest scene, your breath tests, blood tests, and urine tests, including independent results. Your attorney will need this information when preparing your case.

Plus, the ability to recall details strengthens your case as it demonstrates your impairment level was not extreme, and you can act as a witness.

Hire a Competent DUI Attorney in Carrollton

In the past, general practice lawyers could handle DUI cases, but things have changed since forensic science was introduced, making investigations very complex. Today you need to hire a competent and experienced DUI attorney who understands all the processes, procedures, and technologies used in DUI investigations and prosecutions.

In addition, traffic laws are changing all the time, and you need an attorney who is familiar with the latest changes for the best representation.

Find a DUI attorney with a track record of winning cases at the preliminary hearing. Ideally, you should go for a lawyer for whom DUIs make up a significant portion of their caseload because they have the necessary experience to handle the most complex cases. If your case is complicated, the attorney may hire a private investigator to collect the evidence and interview the arresting officer.

File a Driver’s License Appeal

In Georgia, all persons arrested for DUI have their license suspended immediately. You have 30 days to file an appeal and challenge the suspension to save your license from a lengthy suspension. You should hire a lawyer to file within the 30-day deadline and secure your license.

Obtain Police Reports

You should get in touch with the arresting officer immediately after arrest to request the police report. Obtaining the report in advance helps your attorney understand the charges and know how to prepare for the hearing. Your lawyer will use the report to determine the type of defense to use in the hearing.

Inform Your Employer

While it’s not great for your employer to know about your misdemeanors, it helps to inform them if the charges are likely to disrupt work. Notifying them ensures good relations during the trial process and enables them to avail any legal resources they may wish to use to your benefit.

Contact Our Legal Team for Professional Representation

If you have a DUI charge in Carrollton or another city in GA, you can speak to us for legal advice. Moffitt Law, LLC has helped Georgia residents like you navigate the legal process after a DUI arrest. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and the best course of action.

Driving Under the Influence FAQs

How do I travel if my license is suspended?

You can use public transport or take rides from family and friends while your license is suspended or revoked.

How many drinks does it take to reach the legal BAC?

The BAC depends on so many factors that the best way to have a better reading is to not drink and drive. Even one drink can impair some driving abilities.

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