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Atlanta Family Law Attorney, Moffit Law, LLC has high recommendations for its legal services. If you are a party in a legal matter with a family member, things can get tricky fast. Your lawyer needs to have the skills to represent you.  In addition, the lawyer you choose should also have the sensitivity to understand what you are going through.


Many situations call for the help of an experienced Atlanta family law attorney. This article reviews those situations and the actions you can take in these circumstances.




Divorce is a complicated process that involves figuring out terms for child support, child custody, alimony, and property division. The right lawyer will help you file the necessary paperwork.  In addition, your attorney will recommend conditions for a settlement if the two parties cannot agree.




Modifications may be necessary to suit the changing needs of the family. Changes in child custody and visitation plans, alimony payments, and other matters will require the parties to seek legal aid.


Premarital and Postnuptial Agreements


A premarital agreement is a written contract between a couple before marriage.  This controls the legal rights they acquire upon marrying, and what will happen in the event the marriage ends due to death or divorce. Postnuptial agreements serve a similar function.  However, the couple signs these agreements after their marriage. A lawyer will consider both parties’ needs to help them come to a contractual agreement that works for them.


Paternity and Legitimation


While it is easy for a woman to identify herself as the mother of a child, determining paternity is not as simple. However, establishing who a child’s father is can be extremely valuable to the child’s wellbeing and the entire family’s financial and emotional situation.


Paternity is set up with or without the father’s cooperation. Either way, the right legal team will take the proper steps to locate the father, administer the test, and file the appropriate paperwork to make sure paternity is legal in the eyes of the law.


Domestic Violence


According to Georgia law, the definition of domestic violence is assault, battery, or a felony that occurs between current or former spouses, a couple that has a child together, parents and children, or any household members. Assault pertains to a threat or action that makes someone fearful they may be harmed if the aggressor has the intention and ability to carry out the risk. Actual physical contact or violence does not have to occur.


Victims of domestic violence can turn to an Atlanta lawyer to get a restraining order against anyone they feel is threatening them.  In other words, we can represent domestic violence victims in a hearing to get a Family Violence Protection Order put in place on a temporary or permanent basis. A protective order can keep a person who has been found guilty of domestic violence from contacting their family members in any way.  Additionally, the order can require the aggressor to turn in any weapons they may have, and it may also affect their custody and visitation rights.


Lawyers can also represent those accused of domestic violence in challenging protective orders at a hearing.


Grandparent Visitation


When a divorce occurs, it can affect the relationship a child has with their grandparents.  This is especially true if the grandparents on the side of the parent who did not receive primary custody of the child. The state of Atlanta feels it is essential for children to maintain a strong relationship with their grandparents.  This is why they enforce laws regarding grandparent visitation.


Grandparents have the right to file for visitation rights in court.  Likewise, they can also intervene in ongoing court actions that affect their visitation rights. In most cases, the courts will come to a decision regarding the grandparents’ right to see the child based on the child’s best interests.


Finding the Best Lawyer for Your Family Law Case


It’s essential to get a reliable lawyer on your side if you are a party in a family law case. The right Georgia family lawyer will take a professional approach that minimizes emotional drama.  This helps all parties find a solution that works for them.


If you are looking for a lawyer in the city of Atlanta, Tyler Moffitt is highly recommended.


Tyler Moffitt is an attorney with years of experience in the field of family law. He takes a caring approach to treat his clients as if they were family during these difficult times. His proven track record shows that he has the ability to get his clients the results they are looking for.


Legal matters are difficult enough.  When you involve family members, this complicates the situation quickly. Let a good Atlanta lawyer take the stress off your hands and find a solution that is right for you.

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