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If you or a loved one were hit by a vehicle, the long-term impacts of these accidents can be devastating. Our pedestrian accident lawyer in LaGrange offers compassion and legal expertise in helping you and your family move forward in a claim. When you get injured on-foot, get Moffitt Law, LLC to examine your case.

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Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable victims of negligent drivers. They can suffer the most severe injuries, often incurring substantial emotional and financial losses in the process. If you sustained injuries or lost someone you love in a crash involving pedestrians, a LaGrange pedestrian accident lawyer at Moffitt Law, LLC, can help you understand your right to justice and compensation.

Why Do You Need Our Firm’s LaGrange Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

Hiring our firm’s pedestrian accident attorney is a valuable asset to your case. We understand the laws and regulations concerning pedestrian rights and traffic rules. Our experience navigating complex legal systems and insurance processes can benefit you. We investigate the incident and gather evidence, such as surveillance footage, witness statements and police reports, to build a solid foundation of proof for your demands.

Moreover, having a legal representative can increase your total value of damages. We assess your injuries and resulting losses, including the emotional impact, to ensure you request compensation for every dime the at-fault party owes. We use the evidence gathered to negotiate with insurance companies and demand a fair settlement if they seek to minimize payouts.

Additionally, we offer compassion and support. The aftermath of a severe accident is devastating for victims and their families. Our LaGrange pedestrian accident lawyer will guide you through the process, explaining every applicable George law and helping relieve the stress while you focus on your recovery.

What Are the Pedestrian and Crosswalk Laws in Georgia?

Georgia pedestrian and crosswalk laws include:

  • Right of way: Pedestrians have the right of way in all marked or unmarked crosswalks at intersections. They must obey traffic control signals.
  • Sidewalk usage: It is illegal for pedestrians to walk on the left side of the roadway if a sidewalk is available. If there is no sidewalk, they should walk as close to the road’s edge as possible, facing traffic.
  • Crossing restrictions: Pedestrians cannot cross traffic lanes, highways or intersections diagonally unless in a marked crosswalk.
  • Awareness and yielding: Pedestrians should look both ways when crossing streets or highways and yield to traffic.

If you have concerns or questions about your case, our firm’s LaGrange pedestrian accident lawyer will walk you through the laws that apply to your case and take action to protect your rights.

What Are the Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

Among the most common causes of pedestrian accidents are distracted driving and speeding. When motorists engage in activities like texting, it leads to inattention on the road. Traveling at higher speeds reduces reaction time and increases the severity of accidents. Failure to yield right of way at crosswalks frequently results in severe collisions with pedestrians.

Additionally, impaired driving due to alcohol or drugs significantly compromises a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. Poor visibility, especially at night, also contributes to accidents, as pedestrians become more challenging to spot. Finally, ignoring traffic signals or signs often leads to dangerous situations for pedestrians.

What Injuries Can Pedestrians Suffer in an Accident?

Pedestrians can suffer various injuries in an accident with a motorist, each varying in severity and long-term impact:

  • Head injuries: These are among the most serious, often resulting from a direct impact on a vehicle or the ground. They can range from concussions to traumatic brain injuries, potentially leading to long-term cognitive issues, memory loss or even permanent disability.
  • Broken bones: The force of a collision often causes fractures, particularly in the legs, arms and ribs. Such injuries can be excruciating, require lengthy recovery times and sometimes lead to chronic pain or mobility issues.
  • Spinal cord injuries: These injuries can have devastating consequences, including partial or complete paralysis. The impact of a vehicle can damage vertebrae, leading to lifelong challenges and necessitating extensive rehabilitation and support.
  • Soft tissue injuries: These include sprains, strains and tears in muscles, ligaments or tendons. While generally less severe, they can still cause significant pain, require physical therapy and sometimes lead to chronic discomfort or recurrent injuries.
  • Internal injuries: Often unseen initially, internal injuries, such as organ damage or internal bleeding, can be life-threatening. Prompt medical attention is critical to address these injuries.

The more severe your injuries are, the more our firm’s LaGrange pedestrian accident lawyer will likely demand compensation. Georgia’s civil personal injury process aims to ensure victims recover every loss directly associated with the defendant’s actions.

Damages you can recover from a personal injury claim

Georgia civil law allows pedestrian victims of negligent drivers to recover economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include the financial losses associated with your case and can include:

  • The cost of medical care, including necessary current and future treatments
  • The loss of income from missing work opportunities or losing the ability to perform your previous job
  • The cost of repairing or replacing any property damaged during the accident
  • Any replacement services, such as assistance with daily chores, needed during recovery

The non-economic damages cover the emotional and mental distress you can experience in the aftermath of such a traumatic accident. This can include the physical pain and suffering from your injuries and treatment and the mental anguish caused by the negative impact on your life.

What if a Hit-and-Run Driver Strikes a Pedestrian?

If a hit-and-run driver strikes a pedestrian, immediate action is crucial. First, the pedestrian or witnesses should call emergency services to ensure prompt medical attention and police involvement. The police will initiate an investigation to identify and locate the driver, using evidence from the scene, witness statements and possible surveillance footage. Given the complex fault situation that could be at play, pedestrians should seek legal counsel.

If the driver remains unidentified, victims may still have options for compensation through their insurance policies, such as uninsured motorist coverage. This is why reporting the accident to the insurance company as soon as possible is essential. Legal and insurance processes in these situations are often complicated, highlighting the benefit of professional guidance to protect the injured party’s rights and interests.

How Can You Protect Your Right to Compensation in a Pedestrian Accident Case?

Consulting our firm’s pedestrian accident lawyer in LaGrange is the fastest way to protect your right to compensation. Other key steps to follow include:

  • Document the accident with photographs of the scene, your injuries, any relevant street signs or signals and contact information from witnesses.
  • Seek medical attention immediately, even if injuries seem minor. Medical records are crucial evidence in substantiating your claim and the extent of your injuries.
  • File a police report. This provides an official account of the accident, vital for your case.
  • Be cautious of early settlement offers from insurance companies. They often undervalue your claim.
  • Maintain a detailed record of all expenses related to the accident, including medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitation costs.

Following these guidelines can enhance your chances of securing appropriate compensation for your injuries and losses. As the claimant or plaintiff, you are responsible for presenting sufficient evidence to prove your claim.

Hire Our LaGrange Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Today

Should you suffer an injury due to someone’s negligent driving, you can only benefit from contacting our firm’s LaGrange pedestrian accident lawyer. Several factors can complicate these cases in Georgia, but we ensure no one violates your right to fast and fair compensation. There is no reason for you to fight this battle alone while healing from devastating physical and emotional injuries. Contact us at Moffitt Law, LLC, to speak with a passionate LaGrange, Georgia attorney today.

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