What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

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Everyone tells you that you need a criminal defense lawyer when facing charges, and they are entirely correct. Doing so will make even more sense when you understand your lawyer’s role in your case.

Investigate Your Case

Law enforcement is spending their time and resources to build a case against defendants. However, defendants need their own person to gather evidence to learn more about the case and figure out any possible defenses. Your lawyer would interview potential witnesses and put together a timeline of the case.

Defend Your Legal Rights

Law enforcement has been known to overreach to win a conviction. They could illegally seize evidence or interrogate you in violation of your constitutional rights. Your lawyer is here to protect your legal rights. They can work to stop illegal practices and possibly use them to have the case against you thrown out.

Advise You of Your Options

As the defendant in a case, you need everything clearly explained because the legal process is often unfamiliar. An attorney will let you know of the possibilities in your case, which usually are fighting the charges or negotiating a deal with the prosecution. Your lawyer will consider your own personal situation in laying out your options.

Work for the Best Legal Outcome

Your lawyer will work to mount the best legal defense on your behalf. Sometimes, that could involve speaking with the prosecutor to work for a favorable plea deal that results in reduced punishment.

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Do I need to talk to the police?

No, the Constitution gives you the right to refuse to talk to the police.

Should I speak with the police?

That is a decision that you should only reach after you have spoken with your lawyer.

Do I need an attorney if I will plead guilty?

Yes, your attorney can negotiate better terms for your plea deal.



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