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Can We Get a Legal Separation in Georgia?

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Many couples who are considering ending their marriages may consider a legal separation. In Georgia, however, the courts do not grant legal separations. A separation means that spouses no longer engage in marital relations. A couple can, therefore, be “separated” and still live under the same roof. Before a couple can file for divorce, they […]

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Can I Get an Emergency Child Custody Order?

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As a parent, you want to make sure that your children are safe and secure at all times. Divorce often creates a challenging time for families. The law generally provides both parents with rights and responsibilities, and they often share parenting. However, there may be some instances where you need to get a court order […]

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How Do We Create a Useful Parenting Plan?

Divorce is not always easy, but when couples have young children, the situation can be more complicated. As part of the divorce process, couples must create a parenting plan that becomes part of the divorce order. The parenting plan provides details about the issues regarding the children, such as how and when visitation takes place, […]

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