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Military versus Civilian Divorces in Georgia

Carrollton Ga Divorce Attorney

It is no secret that military couples face unique challenges that are not experienced by civilians. Aside from the pressures that come with any relationship, the military lifestyle can take a toll on couples and their families. Indeed, it is estimated by that as many as 21,000 military marriages end in divorce every year […]

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Understanding Carrollton Parenting Plans

Whenever child custody of a minor is involved in a legal proceeding in Carrollton, the state of Georgia mandates that the parties submit a parenting plan to the court. While the term parenting plan may be familiar to most, what this legal document must contain is a much more confusing topic. Simply put, the soon-to-be […]

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Equitable Distribution in Columbus, Georgia Divorces

Carrollton ga family law attorney

The state of Georgia, along with several other states in the country, recognizes that each spouse has an equitable interest in all marital property. Marital property, generally speaking, is a property that is acquired during the course of the marriage. Unlike states like California that have community property laws in place, equitable distribution in a […]

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Modifying Your Alimony Award in Georgia

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Spousal support or alimony is not an aspect of every divorce, but for those in which it does appear, this money makes a significant difference to the standard of living of the recipient. Unlike child support, alimony is not an absolute right a spouse can demand, and courts evaluate a number of factors when deciding […]

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Enforcing Your Child Custody Agreement

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A parent’s job is the most important and difficult responsibility a person can fulfill. It is also one of the most rewarding things a person can do. When parents divorce and child custody must be shared, though, this role becomes infinitely more complex. Instead of having unfettered access to one’s child, parenting time is parsed […]

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Dividing Property in a Georgia Divorce

The property settlement a spouse receives in divorce is often the principal way he/she is able to weather the transition from married to single life. Loss of income, an increase in household expenses, and paying for the costs of raising a child as a divorced parent all put major strains on a person’s financial resources. […]

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Drafting an Enforceable Prenuptial Agreement

Couples considering marriage should also think about what could happen if the relationship does not work out, as the complexity of divorce can quickly cost both spouses a lot of time, money, and strife. Prenuptial agreements, also referred to as antenuptial and marriage articles under Georgia law, offer a straightforward and effective way to resolve […]

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The Nuts and Bolts of Divorce in Georgia

Divorce is not an easy process and is emotionally and financially stressful for most spouses. Many couples think that divorce is as easy as declaring they no longer wish to be married, but the law requires couples to sort out a number of issues, from property division to parenting time to the payment of alimony. […]

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